Assisted Living Homes Provide Personal Care For Seniors

Assisted living facilities are the largest and most popular senior living option across the country. Designed in the early 1980s, assisted living offers elderly residents who cannot live on their own, the opportunity to live as independently as possible, but do not require constant nursing assistance. In general assisted living expenses are paid for through all-inclusive, monthly rent. Senior residents may also receive Medicaid benefits, which will cover some or all of their out-of-pocket expenses. Some facilities offer in-home healthcare options for their senior residents.

assisted living

The purpose of assisted living is to give senior citizens a chance to remain in their own homes as long as possible, without relying on others. Assisted living generally provides skilled nursing and custodial care by licensed professionals. Many assisted living homes contain twenty-four hour on-site staff with medical and clinical experience. Assisted living generally utilizes a structured senior care program that coordinates the care of the patients with the care of their family members.

There are a variety of factors that must be considered before moving into an assisted living facility. First and foremost, families must carefully consider whether they can meet the needs of the senior. A skilled nursing home or hospital environment may be appropriate for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other advanced conditions. Another consideration is that Medicare only covers a percentage of the cost of in-home care and does not cover any of the expenses for assisted living home caregivers. It is important for families to research and compare multiple senior care options before making the final decision on where to locate.

It is important for family members to make the decision about which senior care option is best in order to provide the best home for the patient. Some senior citizens prefer to live in an assisted living facility where they would still be able to enjoy many of the activities that they enjoyed as a young adult. Assisted living facilities are designed to provide seniors with activities and social gatherings that allow them to engage in independent living. When choosing this type of senior home, it is a good fit if the patient enjoys being alone and can take care of themselves. The facility should have a laundry room, bathroom, and cooking facilities for the senior to use.

Seniors often require more physical activity than they would in a nursing home environment. Assisted living homes should have a variety of equipment, including: exercise bicycles, roomy hallways, climbing walls, and plenty of walking space. These activities should keep seniors busy and out of the traditional comfort zone of watching television. Some seniors also desire the privacy of remaining in their own rooms during the day. It is a good fit for these individuals if they receive companionship from a personal care attendant.

In most cases, assisted living homes cater to seniors who have full-time independent living. There are some seniors who are still in the home with their parents, but these residents tend to age at a slower rate than seniors who are not living on their own. Full-time care provides seniors with the support they need to age in place and to maintain their independence. Assisted living facilities focus on maintaining a sense of independence for seniors by providing a combination of services that are focused on daily living.

Assisted living facilities work with health care needs in mind when planning activities and services for their clientele. Many offer nutrition and weight management programs, meals planning, beauty treatments, social activities and game rooms. These personalized senior care services can help seniors maintain a high quality of life. For example, the personal care assistant may walk the senior home from the grocery store and deliver a bag of groceries. The aide may also prepare a home cooked meal for the senior. There are also transportation services that can be offered to seniors in order to help them move from their apartment or assisted living facility to their favorite local restaurant.

When using assisted living homes, seniors should consider paying their own visits to the facilities in order to receive treatments and companionship. This is especially important for individuals who are isolated and do not receive the kinds of emotional support that they would in a regular environment. Many assisted living homes provide a variety of services in order to give the senior in their life the best chance to live an independent life and having a high quality of personal care. Contact a senior care representative today to learn more about how assisted living homes care for you.