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Careers in Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are ideal for those who need little senior assistance on a day-to-day basis. That means that almost all assisted living facilities offer some support for senior residents, but often they provide full-time in home care as well. Many seniors prefer to live in a facility with other seniors because it helps them make new friends and meets other needs. The most popular form of assisted living is in home care, where a professional caregiver provides around the clock care. As an in home caregiver, you will be responsible for providing companionship and general supervision for your senior loved one. In addition, you may receive more time off and paid vacations. read more

Who Is Eligible For An Occupancy Only Certified Live-In Aide?

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Who Is Eligible For An Occupancy Only Certified Live-In Aide?

A live-in aide is someone who lives with one or more disabled, elderly, or aged persons, and whom is crucial to the well being and care of that person. The live-in aide is never legally obligated to assist the individual in any way and would never be staying in the same unit as the individual except to supply the needed services. The duties of a live-in aid include but are not limited to bathing, cooking, and errand running. However, most live-in aids are on a voluntary basis and they are usually paid on an individual basis. read more

Home Companion Caregivers and Respite Care Provide A Safe And Encourage Presence

Home companion care has the ability to bridge the gap between aging parents and their children, elderly parents and their grandchildren, and disabled or isolated older adults and those of healthy age. Whether the companion service is performed through an agency or an individual, older adults tend to be the main beneficiaries as they now have someone to always turn to for support, emotional guidance, and often, friendship. With a companion for assistance, to chat with, walk with, or even play a game with, such senior adults fend off the isolation and loneliness that so many seniors suffer from, particularly those who live by themselves or have limited mobility. read more

The Benefits of Companion Care

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The Benefits of Companion Care

The need for in home caregivers or companions for elderly has risen dramatically in recent years. Statistics show that senior citizens are aging at a faster rate, leading to more elderly people with debilitating physical health conditions such as memory loss, falls and other accidents. The rapid rise in the number of these ailments in the baby boomer generation means that there will be a greater need in the coming years for skilled home healthcare workers to provide senior assistance.

Senior caregivers provide the caring voice and hands-on experience that older adults require in order to live better lives. They are valued members of the family because they offer emotional, social and recreational support that many senior adults lack due to their aging. With a disability, illness or injury, elderly adults need extra help to maintain independence and live safely in their home. Because home healthcare agencies have begun to hire in home caregivers, finding a caregiver who has these qualities is easier than ever. read more

Assisted Living Homes Provide Personal Care For Seniors

Assisted living facilities are the largest and most popular senior living option across the country. Designed in the early 1980s, assisted living offers elderly residents who cannot live on their own, the opportunity to live as independently as possible, but do not require constant nursing assistance. In general assisted living expenses are paid for through all-inclusive, monthly rent. Senior residents may also receive Medicaid benefits, which will cover some or all of their out-of-pocket expenses. Some facilities offer in-home healthcare options for their senior residents. read more

Finding Elderly Companion Services That Are Right For You

Home Companion Services is best for people who don’t need to remain in a long term care facility for the rest of their lives. But there are many other advantages to hiring in home caregiver and in home companion services for seniors. These services can provide the companion the freedom to do what they want without worrying about the senior’s safety. It can be hard to leave someone behind for whom you have poured your whole heart and soul. And that is why hiring home companion services is one of the best options for elderly care. read more