What to Look For in Senior Home Companion Services

senior home companion services

What to Look For in Senior Home Companion Services

Senior home companion services encompass a broad spectrum of senior home care services. They include live-in care services, assistance with daily personal care requirements, transportation needs such as but not limited to grocery trips, housecleaning, cooking, and errands carried out by the senior. But it should be understood that not all senior home and companions services are alike nor do all senior home and companions services have the same effect on seniors. There are a few senior home and companions service organizations that have put together a comprehensive package to meet the unique needs of their clients. These organizations work together with senior care professionals to develop programs that will address the unique needs of seniors. The goal is to ensure that when the client is reaching old age they are well taken care of so that they can live independently in their homes, communities, or other facilities. read more

Senior Home Care Services

Senior home care means a mix of professional and non-professional medical or in-home care services which enable senior adults and others to remain independent in their homes while receiving ongoing medical and other assistance. Such services can include a range of in-home services as well as services offered in the senior care center. Services may include but are not limited to, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy and medication teaching. It is also possible for home care recipients to receive assistance with daily living activities. There are many senior home care organizations, which provide leadership, guidance and other training to home care providers. These organizations are designed to promote senior home care and to provide training and development opportunities. read more

Services Offered by Home Companion Care Companies

“In home Companion Care in Hackensack, NJ offers outstanding care in northern NJ, primarily in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County.” Options offered include full-time or part-time care, including both live-in and on-call care. We provide high quality, affordable care anywhere it’s needed; at home, in a nursing home, retirement home, medical facility, rehabilitation center, or hospital. Owned and operated by caregivers for the past several years.

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The first of our four in home care services provides home care assistance to individuals and families with severe Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their caregivers. This includes but is not limited to, home medical assistance, home aide support, home health aides, home health care assistant support, personal care attendants, care management, home and community nurse support, respite services, home safety and security, home emergency response and safety, home aide coordination, transportation for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease, home caregiver program support, home maintenance/maintenance, home medical equipment, home care equipment and supplies support, home modifications, home emergency communication support and education programs. These services are provided by licensed professionals who have been trained in providing consistent patient care and in keeping their clients safe. Because Alzheimer’s disease is a rapidly growing concern across our country, we strongly recommend that you contact an Alzheimer’s Center in your area to determine if one is a good fit for you and your family. read more