Advantages of Home Companions For Elderly Parents

The importance of home companion care cannot be stressed enough. If you have an elderly parent who requires assistance in the house, you can hire a home companion to take care of them. These caregivers can provide quality and safe care in the comfort of your own home. They can also make sure that you don’t feel alone in their absence. Listed below are some advantages of home companion care:

Getting home companion care is an excellent way to free up time for your loved one. Having a companion to help out can give your parent time to pursue hobbies and do housework. These caregivers may also drive your loved one to appointments. Make sure they have a clean driving record. If your loved one is reluctant to have someone come in to their home, explain the benefits of companion care to convince them to hire one. The benefits of home companion care are numerous. read more

At Home Companions – Helping Elderly Residents Stay in Their Homes

Senior home care is available in many different ways. It can range from hourly care to 24 hour live-in care. Regardless of the needs of the individual client, professional caregivers are able to provide a comfortable and safe environment for the senior. At Home Companions provides home health care for seniors and their families in northern and central New Jersey. These home health aides can help elderly residents stay in their homes as they age.

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Senior home care is also much more affordable than hospital stays. Patients don’t have to worry about food or board costs, and many hospital services can be provided in the comfort of the client’s home. Some caregivers even offer companionship, so the client can remain in the same place. This option allows clients to maintain their independence while still able to stay in their own homes. If you are a caregiver, it is important to prepare for the caregivers’ arrival. read more

Live-In Care Services For Seniors

Senior Home Companion Services is an innovative senior health care solution that combines the benefits of in home care and the professional expertise of a licensed in home caregiver. Senior Home Companion Services offers seniors the opportunity to have their own caregiver who meets all of their needs in one setting. Home companion services provide seniors with a high quality, supportive setting where they can be assisted in every aspect of senior health care, including medical assistance. Home companion services also offer a highly skilled, licensed in home caregiver who is committed to assisting seniors in everything from bathing and dressing to grooming and meal preparation. Home companion services provide seniors with the highest quality care available and offer them independence, comfort and support in every senior living situation. read more

Four Tips About Home Care For Seniors

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Four Tips About Home Care For Seniors

“Home Companion Services gives you home companion care service on Long Island, concentrating primarily in Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens.” Options available are part time or full time care, 24-hour live-in care, and safe, affordable care where ever it is needed – in the house, senior living, in-home care, nursing home, rehab center, or hospital.

There are many things to consider when looking at in-home care for our aging loved ones. These 8 signs should alert you to the need for your loved one’s care. It’s important that you don’t wait until it’s too late to make the right decision. read more

Assisted Living Homes Provide Personal Care For Seniors

Assisted living facilities are the largest and most popular senior living option across the country. Designed in the early 1980s, assisted living offers elderly residents who cannot live on their own, the opportunity to live as independently as possible, but do not require constant nursing assistance. In general assisted living expenses are paid for through all-inclusive, monthly rent. Senior residents may also receive Medicaid benefits, which will cover some or all of their out-of-pocket expenses. Some facilities offer in-home healthcare options for their senior residents. read more