Live-In Care Services For Seniors

Senior Home Companion Services is an innovative senior health care solution that combines the benefits of in home care and the professional expertise of a licensed in home caregiver. Senior Home Companion Services offers seniors the opportunity to have their own caregiver who meets all of their needs in one setting. Home companion services provide seniors with a high quality, supportive setting where they can be assisted in every aspect of senior health care, including medical assistance. Home companion services also offer a highly skilled, licensed in home caregiver who is committed to assisting seniors in everything from bathing and dressing to grooming and meal preparation. Home companion services provide seniors with the highest quality care available and offer them independence, comfort and support in every senior living situation.

senior home companion services

Senior Home Companion Services offer seniors the opportunity to live alone in their home if they choose to do so. Seniors who live alone are often more independent and may be able to take more care of themselves. Seniors who desire the freedom of an in home caregiver also have the option of being in a group home. However, many seniors prefer to remain in senior home companion services because they receive extra personal attention and are surrounded by people who genuinely care about them.

Senior Home Companion Services also offers meal preparation service which helps the senior in making the best decisions regarding their senior years. Seniors are often referred to this type of service because they often have a difficult time making decisions in the senior years. An in home caregiver is specially trained to understand and execute the senior’s wishes in the senior years. In this manner, the caregiver works in conjunction with the senior to make sure that all of the senior’s basic needs are met, such as: food, clothing, personal care assistance and companionship.

The majority of senior home companion services offer housekeeping services. This includes cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, washing clothing, folding towels and bathing senior citizens. The service provider may come into the senior home once per day or every other day. They may not clean the entire house or may just perform specific tasks such as cleaning up the kitchen. It is recommended that each senior citizen be provided with a copy of their schedule for housekeeping instructions and that they follow these instructions strictly.

Another service that is often offered by senior home companion services is medical care. Most elderly care agencies will offer some type of health care services for the elderly in their home. These services include: routine wellness checks, physical exams, medication reminders and emergency care. Many times, elderly care agencies will also offer complimentary medication at no cost. Senior citizen’s who suffer from chronic conditions or medical conditions will be given priority when it comes to receiving these medications. Some medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and asthma will often require the full care of a physician in order for them to receive proper treatment.

Many senior home companion services will offer housekeeping and laundry assistance for the elderly individuals living in their care. Many elderly individuals who are home bound due to advanced age or disabilities find that performing the laundry alone and taking care of the cleaning tasks is extremely difficult. These services will often assign household staff members who have been trained to assist the senior citizens in the daily operations of their home. In some cases, the elderly individuals will be responsible for performing the laundry while other members of the staff will be in charge of doing the vacuuming, dusting, hair brushing and other daily tasks.

Senior home care aides provide comfort to senior citizens. Senior home care aides can be found in a variety of different locations throughout NJ. Most of the staffing services will advertise in newspapers and internet classifieds. You will be able to locate most of these types of services by visiting your local library. The NJ Bar Association can also be of assistance to you in your search for senior home care aides in your area.

Senior home companion services allow seniors to remain in their own homes instead of being in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Seniors who live in their own homes are often more comfortable with their surroundings and are more likely to retain their independence. This allows them to have a greater sense of independence and gives them more opportunities to meet new friends that they would not have the opportunity to meet if they lived in an assisted living facility.