Choosing Care for the Elderly

“At Home Companion Services: A Professional Companion for Seniors” is a registered professional with decades of experience in senior care. Trained in geriatric care management, mental health, home health care and related areas, he is fully capable of providing expert companionship to seniors. Services offered by this professional at home companion include meals, cleaning, bathing, medical monitoring, shopping, light housekeeping, transportation, medical emergency assistance, personal care, shopping, errands, light housekeeping and similar services. Services covered include custodial and personal care under the comprehensive Senior Incentive Plan (SIP), home modifications, home safety and security, shopping and light housekeeping under the Shoplift Plan (SPL), and transportation needs under the Busy Person Plan (BP).

assisted living

“At Home Companion Services: A Professional Companion for Seniors” provides in home care in northern NJ, primarily in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County. Options provided include part time or full time care, and 24 hours live-in caregiver service. We provide quality, affordable care where it’s needed; in the home, full time care, nursing home, assisted living, rehabilitation center, or hospital. This company prides itself in providing safe, gentle touch in addition to the professional care that each of our residents need, year round.

If you are an elderly loved one and are considering moving in with relatives or a friend to provide them with care, but are concerned about whether you can afford the costs, you might benefit from assisted living in Hackensack, NJ. If you have considered this, and are still worried about how you’ll pay for it, we have a service for you. You will be assigned an entire team of experts to look after your needs while you’re at work, at home, visiting family or enjoying yourself. They will assist in making meal selections, shopping for groceries, planning activities, and any other tasks that might need to be done.

The HERS Program: An assisted living program is available in twenty-four counties in New Jersey including Atlantic and Essex Counties. There are two different programs in this one town, both of which are free for qualified families. The HERS program offers full medical coverage for all of the elderly adults in your household, as long as they meet a certain income requirement and are over 65 years old. It also covers dental care in most circumstances.

Care Organizations: Many senior citizens prefer to maintain their independence and do not wish to be in a nursing home or a hospital setting. For these senior citizens, companion care might be a good option. Companion care is basically someone that looks after the senior adults in their household. It is sometimes necessary to have several of these caregivers for an elderly family member. One such companion care provider is a home health care aide, which can help in many ways.

Reverse Mortgages: Some people might think that having an aide who looks after them and helps in some ways is not as expensive as paying for a nursing home care. This is where reverse mortgages come in. A reverse mortgage is simply a loan for the equity that you have in your home. Because the elderly are not typically paying their rent, they do not have to pay back the loan when they pass away. Instead, the money that is accumulated from the sale of their homes gets passed down to their children or grandchildren. If you are looking for an affordable way to fund your senior loved ones’ care, consider a reverse mortgage as an alternative to assisted living or nursing home care.

In addition to providing companionship, there are other services that can be offered in addition to basic personal care for seniors. You might also want to consider home health aides, transportation aide, or if you are in need of additional help, a personal care aide. If you have a family member who is in need of additional assistance that you simply cannot provide on your own, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to offer such assistance. If you choose to use your home as a source of such assistance, it may also be tax deductible.

Whether you are planning on placing the elderly adult in an assisted living facility or in your home health aides could provide the same type of personal care that a live-in companion would provide. Rather than requiring the aid to remain in a room with the senior adults, home health aides are more often provided to the senior adults when they are able to visit them in their own rooms. Such services can provide a gentle touch and offer the senior adults the support that they need to maintain their independence and reduce the risk of disability or decline in overall physical function.