5 Critical Service Areas That Companion Caregivers Provide

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5 Critical Service Areas That Companion Caregivers Provide

The elderly in our society need more than the constant care provided by custodial and in-home caregivers. Many elderly citizens prefer to remain in their homes, but many others want additional services, especially in caring for an injury or illness that has made it necessary for them to move to a long term care facility. “In Home Care in Hackensack, NJ” provides services in northern NJ, mainly in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County. Services offered include professional cleaning, personal care, errand support, laundry assistance, shopping for groceries, transportation to appointments, medical monitoring, pharmacy assistance, medical recordkeeping, light housekeeping, home maintenance, errands run, cooking, and errand and task management.

With a population of over 40 million seniors in our nation, there are an estimated 9 million senior residents in New Jersey. This gives senior citizens opportunities to have a companion to accompany them on their walks, to walk with them to their favorite grocery store, to take them to local restaurants, and even to visit with them in their own apartment. Elder care options in Jersey provide personalized senior care solutions to meet the unique needs of our elderly citizens.

If your loved one is in need of services that allow them to stay in their own apartment, private home care in Hackensack will meet their needs. “At Home Care in Hackensack,” is a full service agency that offers home care services in addition to its traditional custodial and medical services. You will have the comfort of knowing that your loved one is in the safest environment possible. There is no reason for him or her to be alone in the morning when they can be in the safety and security of your home. Your senior family member will be in their familiar surroundings, but will also receive all of the services that would be offered by a licensed and qualified staff. The benefits of this service include:

* Economical Hiring – Instead of hiring a full time in home caregiver, you may choose to hire your senior family member’s aide to come in daily to provide companionship services in addition to their caregiving duties. This will save you money because the aide will not have to pay for childcare, which will in turn benefit you because you are saving money in the form of reduced medical costs. Your in home caregiver and the companion carer are also free to pursue other employment and travel expenses. Your loved one’s needs are met in a cost-effective manner.

* Professional Knowledge – Your in home caregiver is trained in the safe and effective administration of anesthesia, sedation, and other medications that your senior may need on a daily basis. This knowledge should be transferred to the companion carer as well. Your loved one will be in the familiar environment with only minimal risks, and thus be in a much better state of comfort during the time that they are in your home. This will in turn allow both the in home carer and the companion carer to focus on your senior’s specific needs. This is especially important if they live alone, in a residential setting or in some type of assisted living home environment.

* Excellent Socialization – Having your in home care recipient interact with other elderly individuals on a regular basis will greatly benefit their mental well being. They will also learn how to take care of themselves and will be able to have more interaction with others. This will increase their social skills and may provide them with the encouragement they need to maintain a high quality of health, despite their advancing years. Many seniors begin to notice symptoms of memory loss, depression and decreased concentration around the middle of their golden years. By providing your senior with excellent social interaction, you may be able to stave off these symptoms before they become a serious matter.

* Excellent Medical Care – Being in a situation where they can receive medical attention when it is most critical will dramatically decrease the risk of them developing an adverse medical condition later in life. One of the most common reasons that home healthcare service providers recommend companion care for seniors is that seniors often receive low quality care in a nursing home setting. Companion care provides a medical presence in your senior’s home in their area of expertise where they can receive the best in medical care. Many times, senior in home care services will be able to perform more medical tasks than their in home care provider is capable of, thereby benefitting their long term health. It will also provide them with the opportunity to receive quality care in an environment that allows them to relax and recover.

Many seniors do not want to be in a nursing home setting or in a rehabilitation center. These places are not specifically designed to provide for senior’s needs. They are designed to simply maintain the senior in home and allow them to remain in their home as long as they wish. Living in this type of environment can be very frustrating for the senior in need of help as they feel the services are only there to look after them. Companion services, on the other hand, will be there to assist in these tasks, as well as offer companionship, comfort, therapy and respite from stress.